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Reduce Your Risk of Cross-Contamination

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The Global Hygiene Council describes cross-contamination as one of the greatest causes of illness and disease in the world. They go on to say that if we focus on the practice of improved hygiene in our home, we can reduce infectious diseases caused by cross-contamination significantly.

So where does cross-contamination occur? Usually cross-contamination risk happens when harmful bacteria is transferred to foods though unwashed counters, cutting boards, hands and kitchen tools or improperly stored food.

Correctly storing and preparing food can significantly reduce your risk of illness caused by cross-contamination.

To properly store food; keep raw meat separate from ready to eat items in your fridge. Store all raw meat in double seal bags on its own designated shelf in the fridge.

Stopping the spread of harmful bacteria throughout your kitchen from countertops to kitchen utensils is another way to prevent illness caused by cross-contamination.

Also, never use porous surfaces to prepare raw meat.

Wash any areas that have come into contact with raw meat immediately, and use a cloth or sponge that does not harbor and spread germs around your kitchen.

Source: Global Hygiene Council

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