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Unlock the Secret to a Lasting Fresh Home with NoStench® Products

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The Quest for Freshness

Have you ever wished your home could stay fresh-smelling and clean for longer than just a few hours after you've cleaned it? With Everest Microbial Defense's NoStench® products, this dream becomes reality. Our products provide an innovative solution to the universal problem of lingering odors in homes.

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Why Everest's NoStench® Products Stand Out

Everest's NoStench® range of products incorporates a unique antimicrobial protective agent that offers a barrier against odors and odor-causing bacteria. These aren't your typical air fresheners that mask smells; they're scientifically designed to prevent them.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, the average American spends approximately six hours per week cleaning their home. With NoStench® products, your home stays fresher for longer, meaning less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space.

The Science Behind NoStench®

The secret to NoStench®'s effectiveness lies in its antimicrobial protective agent. This agent creates a long-lasting protective layer on and inside treated textiles, keeping them fresh for up to 90 days. The unique formula kills odor-causing bacteria mechanically rather than chemically, assisting the world in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Everest has a proprietary treatment process that binds the chemical to the textile – in other words there is no need to worry that the treatment will wash away or transfer from one surface to another, making NoStench® products far safer to use than other antimicrobial technologies.

The NoStench® Product Range

Our NoStench® product range includes versatile items for your everyday needs. From microfiber cloths and kitchen sponges to pillow covers and face masks, these products are designed to keep your home and personal items odor-free.

Our NoStench® Laundry Shield, for instance, is a laundry fabric softener that doesn't just soften your clothes – it also protects them from odor-causing mold and mildew. Similarly, our NoStench® Odor Prevention Spray is a versatile tool in the fight against unpleasant smells, allowing you to protect any area you choose against odors.

Making the Switch to NoStench®

Switching to NoStench® products isn't just about achieving a fresh-smelling home. It's about adopting a more efficient and effective approach to cleanliness. Our products help you save time and effort by reducing the frequency of cleaning, while still maintaining a fresh, welcoming environment.

In addition, our products are safe for your family and the environment.

The antimicrobial protective agent used in NoStench® products is not only effective, but also safe for use around children and pets.

Ready to unlock the secret to a lasting fresh home? Experience the Everest Microbial Defense's NoStench® products today and discover a whole new level of freshness.

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