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Everest Microbial Defense®️ provides health and wellness solutions to improve and protect your quality of life. Our innovative antimicrobial products and services have redefined the antimicrobial and disinfection industry.

The Perfect Blend of Technology, Science and Insight

Everest specializes in improving the health and wellness of people in a measurable way – resulting in peace of mind that is simply unmatched.


Our antimicrobial agent provides a layer of invisible molecular spikes – killing bacteria physically and preventing the world-wide crisis of antimicrobial resistance.



A strong covalent bond is formed so that even after scrubbing, treated products and surfaces remain protected from damaging microbes for up to 90 days.


Even our Peak Health Advantage™ service allows customers to see real sanitation data and track how well our antimicrobials have been protecting their facility over time.

Protecting what matters starts with Everest.

When we protect our homes and workplaces it lets us focus on what matters most. Protect your quality of life by choosing Everest Microbial Defense®.

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