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How to Clean Your Cell Phone

We are always told not to touch our face to help prevent the spread of germs. But what about our phones constantly touching our face? Cell phones host a variety of bacteria, viruses and pathogens that can play a role in spreading harmful microbes.

Properly cleaning your phone is an important step in keeping germs away from your face and reducing the spread of pathogens. Here’s how:

When cleaning your cell phone, it’s important that excessive moisture is not used. It can break your phone.

Don’t use any aerosol cleaners or heavy-duty cleaners such as bleach. Also, please don’t dunk your phone in water or cleaner.

Start by taking your phone out of its case.

Use a gentle disinfectant wipe to completely wipe the surfaces of your phone and case including all of the corners and cracks.

Let it dry completely before re-assembling it.

To keep germs away (an often overlooked step), use an antimicrobial protectant such as EV360.

Wipe your phone with an antimicrobial microfiber cloth (which can remove up to 80% of microbial life) at least once per day.

Want to make it easy? The Everest Phone Protection Kit includes all of the above so you can clean your cell phone and make it inhospitable to harmful microbes for up to 90 days per treatment.

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