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Holiday Stains Cleaning Guide

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Accidents happen. Be prepared for anything this holiday season with

these holiday stains cleaning tips.

Red Wine Stains Add a tablespoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water. Apply the solution to the stain and blot frequently using a white cloth until the stain vanishes.

White Wine Stains Flush stain with cold water or club soda and then blot dry.

Condiment Stains Dab area with dishwashing liquid, then flush with white vinegar followed by cold water.

Coffee or Tea Stains Flush stain with white vinegar, then wash with cool water.

Lipstick Stains

Apply a stain remover to the fabric using your finger or a bristled brush.

Let the stain remover sit for 15 minutes and then wash the garment in the

hottest water that the fabric can tolerate.

Candle Wax Stains Place the linens into the freezer and leave them overnight. Remove them from the freezer and scrape off the wax. Apply a fabric stain remover and let sit for 15 minutes. Place the linens in the washing machine.

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