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This May Be The Dirtiest Thing in Your House

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

"We found 362 different species of bacteria, and locally, the density of bacteria reached up to 45 billion per square centimeter," says Markus Egert, leader of the study.

Close up dirty kitchen sponge

Scientific Reports studied used kitchen sponges to see what microbes may be living in them. Let’s just say the results were…both disgusting and eye-opening. That’s a HUGE number of bacteria!

The study goes on to say that bacteria "showed significantly greater proportions in regularly sanitized sponges [compared to uncleaned sponges], thereby questioning such sanitation methods in a long term perspective."

Sanitizing your sponges doesn’t work.  

Now picture taking that used, bacteria-ridden sponge, and cleaning your kitchen with it. You’re spreading those bacteria around as you clean, infecting your entire kitchen with the bacteria that are thriving in your sponge. YUCK.

Toilet seat in a green field

Not only is your kitchen not ever truly getting clean, but repeated use of used sponges could easily become a health hazard depending on what types of microbes your sponge has harbored along the way. Used kitchen sponges contain more bacteria than typically found in a toilet, so what do you clean with?

Everest Microbial Defense’s NoStench™ Sponge prevents odor causing bacteria from living on / in the sponge for 90 days without using poisons! No more stench! The non-toxic protection resides throughout the entire sponge material - it doesn’t wash out and doesn’t fade. NoStench™ Sponges are made with the highest quality materials and construction for the height of effectiveness and durability. 

Hand holding NoStench kitchen sponge that doesn't stink

Wait, why doesn’t it stink?

Are you ready for some science? The NoStench™ Sponge is factory treated with the same revolutionary long-lasting Everest™ antimicrobial that uses a physical kill of odor causing microbes, NOT poisons. The factory treatment forms a nano-scale biostatic layer throughout the sponge materials. This protection is invisible and can’t be felt. It consists of millions of carbon-based nano-spikes that self-assemble in layers and bond covalently and intertwine with the sponge structure. Each nano-spike is made up of a carbon shaft with a nitrogen molecule at its base.

The positively charged nitrogen interacts with the negatively charged odor causing bacrteria/mold/mildew/fungus like a magnet that draws it down onto the carbon spike. The result is a physically ruptured or “stabbed” odor-causing bacteria that can’t survive. More importantly, odor causing bacteria can not adapt to become resistant, preventing the dreaded "superbug."

That is how it remains free of foul odors! The nano-spikes are very durable and will remain viable and safely protect the sponge from odor causing bacterial contamination for at least 90 days – no matter how many times it is used or washed.

Now THAT truly is the perfect kitchen sponge!

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