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The Most Hated Chore in America

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, over half of Americans (52%) rank cleaning the bathroom as their most dreaded cleaning task. That doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. What else made the top of the list?

Cleaning the bathroom sink faucet with rubber gloves

· Cleaning the kitchen 23% · Dusting 21% · Mopping 20% · Laundry 17% Luckily Everest Microbial Defense provides a host of products that make your life easier. From our antimicrobial spray that lasts up to 90 days, to our treated microfiber cloths, sponges and floor mops that resist mold, and mildew for the life of the item, Everest gives you a clean you simply cannot get anywhere else! Check out some of our customer’s favorite products below: EV360™ Antimicrobial Protectant provides 360° of revolutionary surface protection with an invisible microbiostatic coating that protects the surface it is applied to against odor causing microbes for up to 90 days! With EV360™ Antimicrobial spray - your surfaces continue to be protected! The NoStench™ Sponge is GUARANTEED not to stink for 90 days! NoStench™ technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from living on/in the sponge for 90 days without using poisons! No more stench! The non-toxic protection resides throughout the entire sponge material - it doesn’t wash out and doesn’t fade. This is the perfect kitchen sponge!

Laundry Shield™ Fabric Softener is specially formulated for use in every load.  A fragrance-free fabric softener that leaves your clothes soft and fresh & protects your laundry from the odors caused by bacteria, mold & mildew. The 32oz bottle will treat up to 64 full loads of laundry. Learn more at

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