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Inside Everest's Peak Health Advantage™ System: Facility Protection From Microbial Contamination

Updated: May 2, 2023

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A Revolutionary Solution: Everest's Peak Health Advantage™ System

In today's world, maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment is more crucial than ever. That's why Everest Microbial Defense® has developed the Peak Health Advantage™ system, a comprehensive solution that combines antimicrobial surface protection, sub-micron air filters, and facility-wide hand purification to provide unparalleled facility protection against microbial contamination. This innovative service not only complements traditional disinfection methods but also adds an extra layer of defense that lasts long after the initial cleaning.

The Three Pillars of Protection

  1. Antimicrobial Surface Protection: Everest's unique antimicrobial protective agent works mechanically rather than chemically, making it incredibly effective against antimicrobial resistance.

  2. Sub-Micron Air Filters: These advanced air filters capture particulates as small as 0.1 microns without restricting airflow or requiring costly HVAC system upgrades. They also come treated with Everest's antimicrobial protectant to ensure the filters remain free of microbial contamination.

  3. Hand Purification: 24 Hour Defense™ Foaming Hand Purifier – Everest's innovative Foaming Hand Purifier offers all-day protection against germs with its alcohol-free, BZK-based formula. BZK provides a gentle yet effective alternative to traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers, promoting skin health without compromising germ-fighting capabilities.

Measuring Success: Quarterly Sanitation Analytics

A unique aspect of the Peak Health Advantage™ system is Everest's ability to test surfaces for microbial activity, providing clients with quarterly sanitation analytics. This data-driven approach ensures that any problem areas are addressed promptly, guaranteeing the most comprehensive protection possible. According to a study from the University of Arizona, researchers found that the average desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This highlights the importance of regular surface testing and antimicrobial protection in maintaining a healthy environment.

Certification and Transparency: The Peak Health Advantage™ Badge

Everest's commitment to transparency is demonstrated through the unique certification badge provided to clients of the Peak Health Advantage™ system. This badge contains a QR code that employees and patrons can scan to verify the facility's protection status, offering peace of mind and demonstrating the establishment's commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

The Peak Health Advantage™ Difference

While traditional cleaning methods are essential, they do not offer the long-lasting protection needed to combat the ever-evolving landscape of microbial threats. Everest's Peak Health Advantage™ system is a cutting-edge solution that provides comprehensive, ongoing protection for a wide range of facilities, including schools, offices, medical centers, and more.

If you have a facility that wants to get a step ahead in the fight against harmful microbes, check out the Peak Health Advantage™ website, and fill out a request form to receive a free phone consultation with one of our professionals.

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