Revolutionary Antimicrobial
Protectant that Lasts for
90 days.

Before Everest's EV360™, a cleaned surface only stayed clean until someone touched it (or sneezed, or breathed on it). Surfaces needed to be cleaned again and again to keep up with this vicious cycle. We've lived this way our whole lives. Although we cannot see or feel them, EV360's microscopic spikes impale damaging microbes and odor-causing bacteria once they come into contact with this molecular frontline. 

With EV360™ applied to your home, your treated surfaces remain protected from damaging microbes for up to 90 days. The patented formula bonds on a molecular level with all surfaces in a treated area. The bond is a covalent bond, meaning once applied, normal everyday cleaning won't negate or remove our treatment.

Everest's EV360™ is unlike any other protectant or disinfectant because it provides protection to a given surface for up to 90 days per application.


EV360™ covers a surface with a layer of molecular spikes. These spikes impale damaging microbes on contact and go on protecting that surface for up to 90 days.


The bond is so strong that even consistent scrubbing (think of your kitchen sink) will stay protected even after washing a load of smelly, dirty dishes.


Now surfaces that would be vulnerable to growing mold, mildew or offensive odors are protected for up to 90 days after just one use.

Everest's EV360™ provides an

invisible microbiostatic coating

to any porous or non-porous surface to which it is applied.


A biocide is any substance that kills microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, algae, fungi or viruses. A biostatic is any substance that inhibits the growth of these organisms.

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