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The Best Way to Clean Toys

Updated: Mar 14

Your children’s toys go everywhere with them, collecting a lot of germs along the way as they put them in their mouths and on the floor. Cleaning toys can help reduce your child’s chance of catching illnesses. Find out the best way to clean toys and how often they should be cleaned.

Cleaning children's toys starts with disinfection and ends with protected.


Toys need to be cleaned before they are sanitized because grease and grime can hide germs. Clean toys by scrubbing them with soap and warm water. Be mindful not to soak toys with batteries. Wash electronics and toys with batteries with a damp cloth.

Some toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher and fabric toys can be placed in the washing machine. Always check the cleaning instructions on the toy before cleaning.


After cleaning, it’s time to sanitize. Because toys often go into your child’s mouth, use a non-toxic sanitizing solution. Follow the sanitizing instructions on the label of your chosen sanitizer.


How often should toys be cleaned, and sanitized?

Once a month is generally a good rule of thumb.

You may also want to add a cleaning when:

  • Toys appear soiled

  • When your child is recovering from an illness

  • After a play date

  • After a plane ride or extended trip

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