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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The average kitchen sponge is dirtier than a toilet seat. Actually, kitchen sponges regularly harbor 10,000,000 bacteria per square inch.

What's worse? Most of us habitually take these bacteria filled sponges and “clean” our kitchen with them, unaware that we are spreading germs as we clean. It’s time for a change.

Everest Microbial Defense’s™ treated sponges stay free of odor causing bacteria for the lifetime of the product. Did we mention they don’t stink or become foul?! Learn more about this remarkable product below.

4 pack of NoStench® kitchen sponges

NoStench® Kitchen Sponges are made with the highest quality materials and construction for the height of effectiveness and durability. Simply the best kitchen sponge available.

Each sponge is 5.5 inches x 4 inches of fantastic cleaning and NoStench® wonderment!

The amazing NoStench® Sponge is factory treated with the same revolutionary long-lasting Everest™ antimicrobial that physically kills microbes instead of using poisons.

The factory treatment forms a nano-scale biostatic layer throughout the sponge materials. This protection is invisible and can’t be felt. It consists of millions of carbon-based nano-spikes that self-assemble in layers and bond covalently and intertwine with the sponge structure.

Each nano-spike is made up of a carbon shaft with a nitrogen molecule at its base. The positively charged nitrogen interacts with the negatively charged odor causing bacteria like a magnet that draws it down onto the carbon spike.

The result is a physically ruptured or “stabbed” odor causing bacteria that can’t survive – or adapt to become resistant.

Odor causing bacteria cannot get established within the NoStench® Sponge and that is how it remains free of the foul odors germs cause!

The nano-spikes are very durable and will remain viable and safely protect the sponge from bacterial contamination for at least 90 days – no matter how many times it is used or washed.

The NoStench® Sponge is GUARANTEED not to stink for 90 days! NoStench® technology prevents odor causing bacteria from living on or in the sponge for 90 days without using poisons! No more stench – no more spreading of those nasty germs.

The non-toxic protection resides throughout the entire sponge material – it doesn’t wash out and doesn’t fade. This is the perfect kitchen sponge!

Each NoStench® Sponge is unconditionally guaranteed against stench caused from odor causing bacterial growth for a full 90 days from the date of purchase. If at any time during the 90-day period the NoStench® Sponge stinks, it can be returned for a full refund.

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