A revolutionary antimicrobial surface protectant that lasts up to 90 days.

Before BIOPROTECT™ RTU, a cleaned surface only stayed clean until someone touched it (or sneezed, or breathed on it). Surfaces needed to be cleaned again and again to keep up with this vicious cycle. We've lived this way our whole lives, cleaning all surfaces posing potential threats to spreading contagious microbes, from the common cold and flu to even superbugs. Although we cannot see or feel them, BIOPROTECT™'s microscopic spikes impale microbes and bacteria once they come into contact with this molecular frontline. 

With BIOPROTECT™ RTU applied to your home, treated areas stay disinfected for up to 90 days. The patented, EPA certified formula bonds on a molecular level with all surfaces in a treated area and continues to kill microbes day after day, week after week.

BIOPROTECT™ RTU is unlike any other protectant or disinfectant because it provides lasting protection from harmful bacteria and germs

without toxic chemicals. 


BIOPROTECT™ RTU works at the microbial level, covering any treated surface with a layer of molecular spikes. Bacteria and microbes are impaled on contact for 

up to 90 days.


The bond is so strong that even consistent scrubbing (think of your kitchen sink) will stay protected even after load after load of dirty dishes.


Now surfaces that would be vulnerable to growing mold, mildew or offensive odors are protected without the use of toxic poisons!

Although they are invisible to the naked eye, BIOPROTECT™ RTU kills microbes and bacteria on contact. 

These atom-sized spikes are 99.96% effective at killing the dangers we cannot see - germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses. 

Atom-sized spikes bond to surfaces at the molecular level, any microbe that lands is impaled and killed almost instantaneously. 

You wouldn't let your child lick a surface recently sanitized with bleach. With BIOPROTECT™ RTU you don't have to worry what happens with a surface after you treat it. 


Tests were conducted for the presence of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the universal energy molecule found in all living cells. 


The presence of ATP is an indicator of the cleanliness of a surface. The more ATP present on a surface, the more bacteria present on that surface. Therefore the lower the ATP reading the safer the surface for human interaction.


Industry standards dictate that an ATP reading over 150 is considered "unsafe."


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